The cover of a book with a pink abstract patterning, globular and floating. In black at top centre of page is the book title in italic font, Curator's Talk, then at the bottom of the page is the author's name, Frances Barrett


Barbara Cleveland e:

An image of a person's ear in close detail. Their head is angled slightly downward. Their hair is short cropped and they have close cropped stubble which catches the light. They wear an earring which curls, worm like, out of the pierced hole.
A live performance event in a theatre with an audience seated in the round. In the centre of the audience, under an intense purple spotlight, a performer Marcus Whale, sings into a microphone. His head is tilted upward.
Two women stand facing a video camera, while a third woman stands behind the camera watching them. There is a red filter over the image.
Frances Barrett, her back facing the camera, touches a sculpture by Tom Burr. This sculpture is a black hand rail that leads into the middle of the gallery. Another hand rail sculpture can be seen in the background.
Inside a small gallery space a performer, Athena Thebus, crouches on the ground with a microphone and script in front of them. Their head is lowered. A large neon light in the shape of a tongue protrudes from the wall behind them.
Frances Barrett wears a pink knitted glove that extends to her shoulder. She faces away from the camera, reaching up a wall where a video of Mike Parr is projected. He is performing in the snow, dressed as a bride. Her gloved fingers touch the illuminated figure of Parr.
A gallery with a video installation. A single screen stands upright from the ground. The image depicts a performer wearing a purple outfit and a guitar strapped to their body. A solo viewer stands, silhouoetted, watching the video. The room is illuminated purple.
A man and woman stand, crouched, about to freestyle wrestle. A crowd surrounds them. They are in the middle of a gallery space.
A woman with her eyes covered holds the hand of another woman. Both if them wear large jackets.
A gallery room filled with a seated audience, hapharzardly spaced around the room. A central performer, Leilah El Rayes, is central to the image. She wears a skirt made of silver knives that hang of silver chains. Her head is cropped out of the image.
A woman stands with her back to the camera her hands held behind her back by a man. His bald head is lowered, obscuring her face as he raises his other hand to slap the back of her legs. He has tattoos and wears black jeans and a black sleeveless top. She wears a black sleeveless top and underpants. Her legs are red and welted.
This image depicts a small gallery space with a white circle painted on the floor. A performer, Frances Barrett, is on all fours crawling along this line. There is a clock hung on the wall above her and a clown horn mounted on the wall at the level of her hunched shoulders.
A poster that reads "Serial Space presents Time Machine: A Festival of Experimental Time Based Art, 18 - 29 July 2012" There is a black background with white text, there is a speckled patterning in pink and white that looks like bleach marks or a constellation or microparticles floating in the air.
This image depicts a gallery space filled with an audience along two sides of the room. Two performer stand opposite each other, each holding microphones. Red stripes are painted down one side of the wall behind the female performer. There ground is littered with empty crates, puddles of water, empty bottles and banana peels.

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