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The cover of a book with a pink abstract patterning, globular and floating. In black at top centre of page is the book title in italic font, Curator's Talk, then at the bottom of the page is the author's name, Frances Barrett

Curator's Talk, 2020


Live performance with Hayley Forward


Performed as part of the exhibition, Frances Barrett: Meatus, at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2 April - 19 June 2022).


Publication Design: Ella Sutherland


A Song for Katthy, 2022


With accompanying image series by Samuel Hodge

Suspended Moment Tour Details

An image of a person's ear in close detail. Their head is angled slightly downward. Their hair is short cropped and they have close cropped stubble which catches the light. They wear an earring which curls, worm like, out of the pierced hole.

Frances Barrett: Meatus

2 April – 19 June 2022

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

A project led by Frances Barrett with Debris Facility Pty Ltd, Hayley Forward, Brian Fuata, Del Lumanta, Sione Teumohenga and Nina Buchanan.

Image: Charles Dennington, Ear: Brian Fuata, Ear Worm: Debris Facility


Frances Barrett, Brian Fuata and Hayley Forward

worm divinations (segmented realities), 2020


Immersive sound installation

32:09 mins

Presented as part of the exhibition, Frances Barrett: Meatus, at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2 April - 19 June 2022).

Image: Charles Dennington, Mouth: Brian Fuata, Ear Worm: Debris Facility

Two women stand facing a video camera, while a third woman stands behind the camera watching them. There is a red filter over the image.

Barbara Cleveland is an Australian artist collective directed by Diana Baker Smith, Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, and Kelly Doley, working on Gadigal land (Sydney). Their most recent projects have been presented at 20th Biennale of Sydney, 2018 Adelaide Biennial,  Art Gallery of NSW (Sydney), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Artspace (Sydney), Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne), Australian Experimental Art Foundation (Adelaide), The Physics Room (Christchurch), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, (Seoul) and Hayward Gallery (London).

Barbara Cleveland Website

A live performance event in a theatre with an audience seated in the round. In the centre of the audience, under an intense purple spotlight, a performer Marcus Whale, sings into a microphone. His head is tilted upward.

All Ears: A listening party, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney

1 September 2018

Live performance program


Artists: Alissar Gazal, Brian Fuata, Emily Crocker, Jax Jacki Brown, Nina Buchanan, Samia Sayed, Enoch Mailangi, Kilia Tipa, Marcus Whale, 2 Boys in Saris, Hayley Forward and Kate Britton

Image: Peter Rubie

Listen to audio documentation: The Third Ear
Download program: All Ears: A listening party

Frances Barrett, her back facing the camera, touches a sculpture by Tom Burr. This sculpture is a black hand rail that leads into the middle of the gallery. Another hand rail sculpture can be seen in the background.

Handle, 2018

HD Single channel, 11:58 mins
Cinematography and Editing: Justin Balmain
Music and Sound Mastering: Andrew McLellan
With Amelia Wallin, Marcia Acita, Mark DeLura, CJ Matherne, Chandler Hubbard, Amy Linker, and staff of the Hessel Museum of Art.

Commissioned for More than mere jelly, April 8 – May 27, 2018, Graduate thesis exhibition curated by Amelia Wallin, CCS Bard Galleries, Center for Curatorial Studies and Hessel Museum of Art, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.


Featuring the work of Vito Acconci (with Kathy Dillon), Tom Burr, Nina Canell, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Alex Martinis Roe, and Rosemarie Trockel. Artwork by Vito Acconci, Tom Burr, and Rosemarie Trockel from the Marieluise Hessel Collection, Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College.  Reproduced courtesy of the artists and Bortolami Gallery, New York and Sprüth Mager, Berlin.

More than mere jelly exhibition catalogue

Inside a small gallery space a performer, Athena Thebus, crouches on the ground with a microphone and script in front of them. Their head is lowered. A large neon light in the shape of a tongue protrudes from the wall behind them.

Into my Arms, Ace Open, Kaurna Yarta, Adelaide

11 May - 7 July 2018

Exhibition and live performance program

Artists: Amira.h., Katherine Botten, Eugene Choi, Matt Huppatz, Lonelyspeck, Grace Marlow, Sione Monu, Kate Power and Susie Fraser and Athena Thebus

Image: Athena Thebus performing DOGGY, Sam Roberts Photography

Into My Arms Program

A gallery with a video installation. A single screen stands upright from the ground. The image depicts a performer wearing a purple outfit and a guitar strapped to their body. A solo viewer stands, silhouoetted, watching the video. The room is illuminated purple.

Haunting, Firstdraft, Sydney

2–25 September 2015
Exhibition and live performance program

Artists: Brian Fuata (AUS), Geo Wyeth (USA), Laboria Cuboniks (VARIOUS), Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz (GER), Amy Ireland (AUS) and Virginia Barratt (AUS)

Exhibition text.


Image: Zan Wimberely

A man and woman stand, crouched, about to freestyle wrestle. A crowd surrounds them. They are in the middle of a gallery space.

The Wrestle, 2015
18:33mins, HD single channel video
Live performance on 29 May 2015 with Toby Chapman as part of 48Hr Incident program at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Co-curated by Pedro de Almeida, Toby Chapman & Aaron Seeto.

Video: Kate Blackmore and Dara Gill

Edit: Kate Blackmore

Audio: Andrew McLellan

Image: Zan Wimberely

A woman with her eyes covered holds the hand of another woman. Both if them wear large jackets.

Curator, 2015
24-hr live performance as part of Liquid Architecture's program FM[X]:What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?
West Space, Melbourne
17-18 September 2015

Image: Keelan O'Hehir

Frances Barrett wears a pink knitted glove that extends to her shoulder. She faces away from the camera, reaching up a wall where a video of Mike Parr is projected. He is performing in the snow, dressed as a bride. Her gloved fingers touch the illuminated figure of Parr.

Touching, 2016

HD single channel video, 15:35mins

Video: Kate Blackmore
Sound: Andrew McLellan
With thanks to Mike Parr and the National Gallery of Australia

Image: Kate Blackmore

A gallery room filled with a seated audience, hapharzardly spaced around the room. A central performer, Leilah El Rayes, is central to the image. She wears a skirt made of silver knives that hang of silver chains. Her head is cropped out of the image.

FM[X]: What Would A Feminist Methodology Sound Like? Firstdraft, Sydney

1 + 2 September 2016
2-day live performance program and exhibition co-curated with Danni Zuvela for Melbourne-based sound organization, Liquid Architecture.

Artists: Chloe Alison Escott, Cinnamon Templeton, Clare Cooper, Coco Solid, Madboots, DJ Sezzo Snot, Evelyn Araluen Corr, Matka, Kimchi Princi, Del Lumanta, Hannah Bronte, Gabi Briggs, Leila El Rayes, Linda Dement, Lorna & Aunty Jenny Munro, Maysa Abouzeid, Rosyln Helper, Saba Vasefi and Salote Tawale.

Image: Leila El Rayes performing, Jek Maurer Photography

FM[X] Program

This image depicts a small gallery space with a white circle painted on the floor. A performer, Frances Barrett, is on all fours crawling along this line. There is a clock hung on the wall above her and a clown horn mounted on the wall at the level of her hunched shoulders.

The 12-Hour Revolution, 2013

12-hour live performance at Sydney Guild, Sydney

Sound: Sam Bruce and Tom Smith

Image: Alex Wisser

A poster that reads "Serial Space presents Time Machine: A Festival of Experimental Time Based Art, 18 - 29 July 2012" There is a black background with white text, there is a speckled patterning in pink and white that looks like bleach marks or a constellation or microparticles floating in the air.

Time Machine, Serial Space, Sydney

18-29 July 2012

A 12-day festival of time-based experimental art curated by the artist run initiative, Serial Space (Pia van Gelder, Kate Blackmore, Tom Smith, Jennifer Hamilton and Frances Barrett)

Time Capsule: Time Machine's Program with commissioned texts

A woman stands with her back to the camera her hands held behind her back by a man. His bald head is lowered, obscuring her face as he raises his other hand to slap the back of her legs. He has tattoos and wears black jeans and a black sleeveless top. She wears a black sleeveless top and underpants. Her legs are red and welted.

My Safeword is Performance, 2014
21:59 mins, single channel HD video 
Live performance with Ivan Crozier as part of Restaging Restaging at Alaska Projects, Sydney

Performed on 31 August 2014
Videography: Kate Blackmore and Cindy Rodrigues.

Edit: Kate Blackmore

Image: Salote Tawale

This image depicts a gallery space filled with an audience along two sides of the room. Two performer stand opposite each other, each holding microphones. Red stripes are painted down one side of the wall behind the female performer. There ground is littered with empty crates, puddles of water, empty bottles and banana peels.

Ship of Fools, 2009

Firstdraft, Sydney

24-hour live performance with Nick Sun, 3-4 February 2009

Image: Kat Baron